These Green Toilets Also Save Water

By: Ezra Plank

Green toilets are relatively modern innovations that are designed to be ecologically friendly toilets. Here are some toilet reviews, explaining how these often ingenious fixtures will help you to protect the environment, and may also save you money.

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But before discussing how the new eco toilets work, how does the old-style flush toilet take care of eliminating the waste?

When the handle is pushed, it causes the rubber flapper covering the hole in the bottom of the toilet tank to lift up. Water, under the influence of gravity, then rushes into the bowl. The outlet at the bottom of the bowl is an S-shaped pipe, which first goes up before it curves back down to release the flushed water. Once water from the flush fills this pipe, there is a siphon effect that quickly empties the bowl.

The low flush toilet. Early models of green toilets were designed to reduce the amount of water needed for flushing. Even though the water saved is not really significant percentage-wise, low flush toilets do save on water and sewage charges, so they are eco-nomical. So how does a low flush toilet use less water?

Dual Flush selector switch

The dual flush toilet has light- and heavy-duty flushes - the latter to be used only for solid waste. Most people have four times as many light flushes as heavy ones, so using the light button will really save some water. Early models had problems with incomplete flushing, but improved techniques have been devised to make only one heavy-duty flush necessary.

Sink Toilet

The toilet tank lid sink uses water that drains from the sink for the next flush. This not only saves water, but saves a lot of space in small bathrooms.

The waterless toilet. There are several techniques that have been used to design a toilet that uses little of no water for flushing. Waterless urinals are the simplest of these, and use no water at all. Urine passes through a trap that contains a liquid designed to remove odors.

More eco toilets are discussed in part 2 of Green Toilet Reviews.

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