The Inner Workings Of The
Water Efficient Pressure Toilet

By: Ezra Plank

Traditional toilets work in a pretty uncomplicated way. The water is contained in the tank just above the toilet bowl. When the lever is pushed down to flush, the water is forced via gravity into the bowl, and human waste disappears from view into a sewage tank or into a sewage system of some kind.

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Pressure toilets looks exactly like traditional toilets, but work in a different way. There is no water to be seen under the lid of a pressure toilet. Instead, there is a completely sealed tank within what would usually be the water tank.

In a pressure assisted toilet, water is fed into the sealed tank, where the air inside is compressed by the water line pressure. When the toilet is flushed, water is forced out by the compressed air in the tank.

The development of the pressure toilet has come a long way. It started out being quite noisy, and is now much quieter and more efficient. It's less likely to be seen in homes, but is often used in commercial settings, such as restaurants.

The biggest benefit of a pressure toilet is that it uses much less water than a traditional toilet, which results in lower water bills. The E.P.A. has estimated that pressure assisted toilets are able to save over 8000 gallons of water per year for a family of four over flush toilets installed since 1994.

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Power assisted toilets can be used in cases where the water pressure in the line is low. They're plugged into a standard electrical outlet, which powers the pump that forces water into the bowl. These are quiet toilets, that use much less water than a standard toilet. They even have the option of a seat that is self-closing, to eliminate the loud noise of the toilet seat dropping. This is great for middle of the night bathroom visits!

One of the biggest complaints about the traditional low flush toilet is that it sometimes doesn't flush completely. A pressure toilet eliminates that problem by never needing more than one flush. The increased air pressure allows for fast and quiet flushing. While these toilets are currently used almost exclusively in commercial applications, they should be used more often in a residential setting to conserve water and save money on water bills.