Why Choose A Squat Toilet?

By: Ezra Plank

Squat toilets are exactly what they sound like, toilets on which you squat rather than sit. This style of bathroom fixture basically consists of a hole in the ground. The only exception to this is the style know as a "pedestal" squat toilet, which is of similar height to a standard flush toilet.

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Update, June 8, 2013: Toilet stools have recently become available as an alternative to squat toilets. They help you to eliminate faster and more completely, by putting your body into a natural squatting position over your own toilet. While not an actual toilet, we think they deserve your scrutiny, as they provide most of the benefits of a squat toilet, without a lot of the messiness.

Squat toilets are known by many names, such as Iranian, Eastern, Turkish or Natural-Position toilets, and are commonly found in Europe and Asia. The reason for the popularity of these toilets is that many believe they are more sanitary than seated ones. The benefits are numerous, yet you still need to be careful what you or your clothing touch when using one of these fixtures.

IMG_5045 by Ajay Tallam, on Flickr

Squat toilets are thought to be healthier than seated versions. Many believe that sitting on a toilet can lead to bladder, prostate or uterine nerve damage. When this damage occurs, the organ(s) become more prone to disease. This may lead to colon cancer, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome ( IBS ), diverticulitis and other prostate or uterine diseases.

Also, using the restroom in a seated position may lead to hemorrhoids. A squatting toilet prevents this from happening. In addition, many suggest that when you sit during a bowel movement, all fecal material is not removed from your body. Any that is left over may stagnate and lead to diseases, such as those listed above.

The benefits of a squatting toilet may make the decision for you, even if you are not concerned about health issues. A squat toilet is environmentally friendly. No toilet paper is required, as most owners of these eco toilets provide you with a bowl or bucket to wash yourself. This can save you money over the long run, while also protecting our planet.

Ceramic UDD squatting pan from Ehtiopia - 1 by Sustainable sanitation, on Flickr

Avoiding health issues also saves money. Treating cancer, IBS and other disorders can become very expensive. By using this kind of sanitary toilet, you stand less chance of contracting these diseases, thereby saving the expense of treating them.

Squat toilets are often not kept as sanitary as European toilets ( hard to believe? ). Unfortunately, not everyone manages to hit the hole when urinating or defecating. As a result, the floor surrounding the squat toilet may become very unclean. A lot of people choose to remove their pants or skirt when using the restroom to keep their clothing clean and fresh. Others just take care to keep all apparel off of the floor. The choice is up to you.

Since squatting toilets seem to be both safer and greener than traditional flush toilets, you should really check them out if you are remodeling your bathroom.

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